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Teaching Staff

Carmel is proud of its staff members who recognize that "Every child is unique and to succeed in life a student needs structure, discipline, challenges, respect, recognition, chances, choices, second chances, amnesty and tough love. The learning environment reflects this basic fact by recognizing the stages in a child's physical, social, mental and emotional growth and development. The students are guided in learning at his or her own pace in an environment which showers loving care and acceptance like a mother inside the school premises for a well-rounded personality. The faculty also identifies their potential and talents and provide a large stage to showcase their talents in the form of co-curricular, extra curricular and inter school activities and competitions.

To achieve this, we adopt an exclusive selection procedure of staff which is a combination of scientific, educational and a humane approach. Initially, the applicant is asked to present a brief write-up on a topic related to their subject and the age group they cater to, followed by a live demonstration class, observed by the co-ordinators who evaluate the applicant on the following criteria - language and fluency, class control, content, presentation and handwriting. The strengths are identified and once recruited, on-the-job training for three months is mandatory, during which the new recruit observes the senior teachers' classes to learn the nuances and key factors required for success in this noble profession and instill in students those noble values cherished by the institution and society while imparting subject knowledge and skills.

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