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Principal's Message

It is indeed with a sense of humility and felicity that I take on this prerogative of leading the lower primary with the team of teachers who are either equipped with years of experience or a reliable exposition of work to take on the challenges of teaching, influencing and shaping the lives of the next generation.

The age group of our children 6 - 10 years, proven without doubt, is the most impressionable stage, a phase where most knowledge, language and other skills can be learnt. To fulfil the formidable task, we leave no stone unturned.

Life demands more than just knowledge and skill from our young children, so we carefully plan every activity after a lot of introspection, deliberation and consensual agreement with the team. What we aspire to do with the amalgamation of all activities planned, be it academic or co-curricular is to make them pre-eminent in their language and communication skills. Voice modulation, presentation and body language are rehearsed well through morning assembly and theatre activities, which also teach and cultivate moral values that reflect on their lives for a long time to come.

A lot of emphasis is laid on building their comprehension skills by preparing lessons that are elucidated and made as lucid as possible.

One task that our team has passionately pursued on a regular basis is to develop the love of reading in children on a habitual basis which we firmly believe will edify them and enrich their lives.

The child's family/economic background does not come in the way of providing opportunities and hence, a first generation learner also masters all skills equally well and thus, we achieve our main aim i.e. to make each child a master of 3 R's (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic).

The other being, to hone their skills and their natural prowesses, helping them evolve in phenomenal ways. It is our ultimate aspiration to help the students take on future challenges with confidence, zest and fervor.

Our team works in tandem and harmony as we believe that team is more about 'We' and less about 'Me'.

Mrs. Sribala Srinivasan

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