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Hands - On Activity

Academics is fruitful only when the knowledge to be gained is put to practical use. As children, it is difficult to foresee the life's future happenings and also how things work out in this world. To create the understanding of terms and concepts apart from clear explanation, many teaching aids such as charts, digital aids and models are used in the lab activities. The lab apparatus, models showing human anatomy, shapes and solid figures, physical balance, maps, globe and so on are shown to children. Project work given to them encourages them to take active participation in understanding the concepts and terms.

Make and do sessions are also held in school for children where children are given a chance to do on their own certain activities such as preparing the soil, sowing the seeds, watering it, growing and taking care of plants, understanding the concept of numbers using ice-cream sticks are to name a few. Children at all ages follow a role model whom they observe keenly and try to imitate them. Encashing this quality in them, they are given an opportunity in theatre classes through which they enact and vent out their feelings.

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