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Evaluation & Assessment

Standardized evaluation tools have been a longstanding component of schooling. These tools are aimed to gauge whether students have understood the subject/topic and also to check the proficiency level of students, to motivate them to learn better and provide feedback to the teachers, parents and students alike.

Assessments are conducted efficiently and effectively well throughout the year, that is:

July - Assessment;

September-October - Assessment;

November-December - Assessment;

March - Final Assessment

The methods applied to grade the pupils are time-tested and comprehensive. They are aimed to bring out the best in the children when they are tested during their class periods through Orals (Reading and Recitation), the marks of which are added to the scheduled formal assessments of the relative subjects. Therefore, formal assessments are vital to the overall success of the teaching as well as the learning process.

Worksheets and Open Book Tests are administered during the respective grades regularly to evaluate the child's understanding of the topic and application relevant to the topic and their age. The interesting thing to observe here is that the Correction/Awarding of grade is done keeping "each child's capacity and capability in mind".

All scores from the various tests conducted, are entered in the Student's Progress Report to continuously motivate the child towards better learning enhancement. Parent-Teacher Interaction and feedback are accorded a lot of importance.

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