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Creative Teaching

"Creative Teaching" is the new 'Mantra' in Carmel Primary. The four essential language skills; Listening & Reading (Receptive skills) and speaking & writing (Productive skills) are enhanced simultaneously when the teacher uses activities specially designed to incorporate all skills.

These activities serve many valuable purposes, they give learners scaffolding support, opportunities to create, context in which to use the language for real information, evidence of their own ability and most important - confidence.

"All the world's a stage" - TIE [Theatre in education]

Integrate school curriculum with drama, that is transact lessons in literature, language, grammar, math, environment, moral and social-sciences through drama as a medium.

"Take centre stage"!

Developing Eloquence and oratory skills. Overcoming inhibitions and stage fright.Ability to structure and organize thoughts and deliver with poise and confidence.

"Create with the heart build with the mind"!! - Art and Craft

Encouraging creativity, bilateral and fine motor co-ordination. Brings out originality, thus developing self-esteem facilities co-operation, sharing and bonding.

Listed below are a few activities conducted in the classroom:


Essential skills in language learning. Four skills/activities specially designed to incorporate language skills.



"Characters on stick" - PUPPET SHOW
Simple stories, rich in morels, interesting marionettes are hand-made by the teachers and narrated, using voice variations and songs, making it an enriching experience.

"Once upon a time" - Story Telling
Improves listening skills, language development making the young mind inquire, wonder, think and imagine.



"The perfect Experience" - Field Trip
Hands on experience in a social environment. Adding learning, fun and bonding to it. Children narrate their experiences through a group discussion in the classroom.

"The crown of literature" - Poetry
Expressing abstract concepts of feelings and ideas into words, enabling language expression. Developing verbal intelligence and acute sensitivity to language.

"For the love of English" - Conversation Classes
To improve English fluency and vocabulary in an interesting, interactive and structured at environment.



"Readers make leaders"!! - Reading
Apart from the obvious improvement of language and knowledge. Improves IQ, concentration and thought provoking skills.



"Wannabe Writer"?!! - Creative Writing
Expressing thoughts, feeling, emotions, in an imaginative and innovative way. These writing bursts offers personal freedom and paves the way for the future artists.

Phoneme awareness and Phonics

Students at the primary level are taught phonics with the help of puppets, flashcards, stories and songs which help in pronunciation and spelling essential for the four fundamental language skills.

These fundamental cognitive skills/activities are interrelated and affect one another improving fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Recently the students were made to collect pictures and information to make collages on topics relating to the lessons.

An interesting activity - "The Story of My Birth" was conducted in class where each student shared their story they have heard from their family members.

English Conversation

Word Mat: A fascinating twist to the age old fairy tales is presented by the children of Std III, using the keywords from the actual tale and giving it their creative touch the children spun enthralling stories.

Narrations of their 'weekend getaway' of the Summer and Winter break is quite interesting and burnishes their creative side.


A class activity having the children complete the proverbs with the right article leaves the class competing for high scores.

Learn to Question

Speech is our birth right. A questioning mind invokes answers. Changing the tradition of only providing answers, children are given a chance to question.


Language is a medium of expression and communication, children learn to empower their language with some funny and captivating Idiomatic Expressions.


Stories rich in morals are narrated by teachers with the aid of handmade puppets. Voice variations and songs add value to this activity.

These activities help develop effective speech composition and delivery.

Expressing thoughts, feelings and emotions in an imaginative way offers personal freedom, enables them to structure and organize thoughts, thus enhancing mastery of the English Language.

Story telling with stick puppets ( Story- The Little Red Hen)

Value of Time
Value of Time

Puppet show by teachers

Puppet show as a method of teaching helps in developing imagination and observation skills in the children.

Children learnt that 'Unity is Strength' and 'A friend in need is a friend indeed', through the story that was presented in the show.

Children were also able to identify the proper nouns that came up in the story.

Value of Time
Value of Time
Value of Time

Sandwich Activity

Our children had a fun filled Sandwich making activity. They carried their own ingredients like slices of bread, tomatoes and cucumber. Also cheese, pepper, butter and salt which added flavor. This was absolutely fire free cooking which the children enjoyed preparing with their little hands!

The children will cherish this day for ever as it was their very first 'cooking' experience .


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