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Theatre and Life skills

Theatre finale: The story of Rably The Rabbit

Moral: Good manners are just a way of showing other people that we have respect for them.

Std.III Kannada theatre

Std1 theatre (English Theatre) - Ant and the grasshopper

Moral:Make hay while the sun shines.

Std.III Hindi Theatre - Apna Ghar Sabse Pyara

Maths Theatre - Zero concept theory

Children learnt the importance of Zero in Mathematics.They also understood that each one is unique and have their own value.

Number Skit

Respect is earned and is never just given. This was shown through number skit.

Grand finale theatre

Theatre is life ..... the rest is just drama

'Dreams' - a theatre finale

A theatrical expression to motivate kids to build on their dreams.

Talk Show - Witty v/s Wise' - English conversation activity.

An interactive talk between the students, Principals and the Co-ordinators.

The children on Std.III presented the scintillating world of wit, wisdom and humour through the play "Akbar and Birbal".

Theatre Finale:

A journey to the mystical desert, story of the Middle East providing knowledge and insight titled "Wisdom around the oasis" The stage brought to life the desert life complete with market place, costume, flora, fauna and desert attire.

A profound lesson on contentment and true happiness was learnt.

Hindi Swach Bharat Abhiyan

English language - Adjectives

Tell me, I'll forget, show me, I'll remember, involve me and i'll learn.

Theatre is life ..... the rest is just drama. All the world is a stage

Std.III Hindi Theatre - Apna Ghar Sabse Pyara

Std 2 Hindi theatre-swachh Bharat

Theatre Club:

1) Students of Std 4 enacted a Hindi lesson at theatre class. The moral ... when u do good you get good in return. An important moral to incorporate into character building and values.

2) Std 1 : The Three Little Pigs

An after exam treat for the tiny primary students, the teachers put on costumes and entertained the young audience much their thrill and delight!! The moral : wisdom and hard work ensure a safe and good future!!

3) Students of STD 1 performed a well known tale of the farmer and the three brothers to learn a valuable lesson on unity.

This included a folk song and dance in traditional attire adding to a learning point on local culture. In the discussions that followed, the students voiced their opinions on unity.

Healthy Eating and Food Groups
Healthy Eating and Food Groups

4) The students of STD II learnt about Healthy Eating and Food Groups in a very innovative way through a drama where three basic food groups have an argument that one is better than the other and eventually arrive at a conclusion that for a long and healthy life all three food groups are important.

Healthy Eating and Food Groups
Healthy Eating and Food Groups

Theatre classes are fit into the time-table and it forms an intrinsic part of personality development/ self-development. The main focus here is to make the children less inhibited and help them express themselves better, to make their aspirations and desires bigger and brighter, remove fears and phobias etc. This happens best when the method is that of spontaneous drama as opposed to rehearsed classroom reading and explaining.

Mime: Children work in groups to mime a memorable scene from their literature lessons to portray their emotions using their facial expressions as well as their entire body as a medium of expression. They also apply their imagination to a large extent by enacting a mime while listening to a story and act upon it as they hear certain words. Much of the time, however, the characters in the TiE Mime sessions are taken from their course books/ lessons, which stimulates not only their Spatial Intelligence thus enhancing the students' innate abilities of "imagination and creativity", but also builds "group dynamics".

Songs, rhymes and chants also provide a rich source of "Scripts for acting". Young children enjoy this wholesome learning experience.


Std 2 puppet show by teachers on children's day(Pinocchio)

Puppet show - 1std

Puppet ShowStd.1 closed on the term with a treat for its students.

Titled "Red Riding Hood", a puppet show of hand made puppets made by teachers and their voice over had the children engrossed and enthralled.

Always obey your elders was the value they learnt.

Puppet Show Puppets are a very versatile resource in the young learners' classroom. Children are taught to make and use a variety of puppets such as finger, sock and stick puppets. Making them gives them a sense of ownership. Again, children work in groups and lessons are enacted with song and dialogue. Even a seemingly dry subject as the Constitution of India was presented by the children through puppets.

And of course, it stays in the long-term memory of the child strongly etched, with all the facts and figures, making the learning process that much more easier, fun, faster and less burdensome, both for the teacher and the taught.

Students of Std 1 performed 'The lion and the mouse' a lesson in Hindi, while Std 2 teachers performed a puppet show on the Hindi lesson 'Do Dost' ...and the show goes on.

Theatre in Education:Theatre in Education "Theatre in Education" kicked off to an eventful start in primary division of Carmel School, Padmanabha Nagar. It includes "WRITER'S CLUB" where children interested or talented in writing involve in creation of written material.

Children not only creating awareness on world Environment Day by enacting lessons Like 'clean the beach' and 'Apple tree' of Std 1 and 2, Std 3 and 4 held a discussion on the 'Forecast for the Planet' accompanied with song choreography and poem. In all a very eventful month of learning, interaction and discussions outside the class as 'Theatre in education' continues to thrill, enchant and engage children!!

Book Club:

Through the Book Club, the young readers are inspired to read and find out about popular and great writers, literary figures and world famous literary classics, where good books and poets alike are also recommended to further the reading habit in the children.

Apart from these, there were also very pertinent sessions on the importance of ROAD SAFETY and FIRST AID, where again the onus was to ensure maximum reach to the students' minds through their active participation, keen observation and illuminating interaction.

Class Club Activity is another interesting event which enables them to develop team spirit, exhibit the skills that are developed through their role models, exchange and learn new skills from their team members, sharing the things and work assigned to them, think of better ideas, accept change, choose and buy things needed to accomplish the task [This activity is aptly used to get children into the right path by allowing them to do what they are interested in].

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