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Action Brigade of Carmel students for our Dearest Earth

"ABCDE" which stands for "Action Brigade of Carmel students for our Dearest Earth" is a one-of-its-kind initiative aimed at bringing out the "Love for Mother Nature" in the young global citizens to the fore, through a series of immensely inspiring and dynamic programmes designed to foster feelings of global harmony and respect for the environment, amongst the Carmel Crusaders.

Mentalists with the "green mood" going strong through the entire month of June.A major highlight of the ABCDE initiative is the celebration of the WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY on June 5, by the students of Carmel School. The students of the entire Primary School wing participate with much gusto in the celebrations by making thought-provoking charts, models and things out of recycled and reused materials. The central theme running through all these models is the concern the children have for global as well as local environmental issues, for which they come out with practical suggestions and solutions to "Protect and Preserve the Beauty of Mother Nature" for their generation as well as for the future generations. No wonder, the celebrations trigger new brainwaves in the little environ.

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