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When children enters the last stage of kindergarten, i.e. U.K.G they are taught the concept of writing sentences, Lesson reading, road rules, first aid etc. At our Auditorium and theatre they are enlighten about the importance of nature through moral stories narrated by experienced teachers. Puppet show, magic show, documentary films and so on are a part of the extracurricular activities which helps the children improve their IQ and psychomotor skills.

Cursive Writing Kindergarten

Cursive handwriting is introduced for the first time. Children learn to write upper and lower case letters. They also learn to copy from the black board which helps in eye and hand co-ordination, the agility of the wrist.

Special Assembly Kindergarten

This activity encourages the children to speak on a given topic which helps them to gain oratory confidence.

Special assemblies are also conducted on Independence day and Children's day. The school conducts literary competitions where in the children compete with each other in the field of singing, drawing and memory games. The tiny tots are awarded with certificates and simple gifts at the end of the competitions.

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