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Pre-Nursery starts the day with rhymes that help in speech and language development. Stress is given to orals during the first year which includes rhymes, general knowledge, singing and Montessori. First step to recognize letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors etc are taught at this stage of development. The small toddlers are introduced to the school at this every first year. Children are taken to the music classes where they are guided by trained music teachers who make them sing along with actions.

Tiny Tots: "Starting Early"

Effective communication and articulation is key to success in the present day.The management understands the importance of out of class room activities and importance is given to Drama which not only transacts lessons from curriculum but builds confidence and self-esteem and adds a whole new facet to the personality of a child, thus Carmel kindergarten inaugurated its "Communication" and "TIE" i. e Theatre in Education classes with a grand show called "I am remarkable made". Here's wishing and hoping that drama brings out the best in our tiny tots.

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