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Montessori at Carmel provides strong and effective foundation for the youngsters by introducing play as a method of learning. The activities at Carmel Montessori enable the child to perfect the skills of daily living, so that he/she may be adapted to the society. We at Carmel use all the apparatus which are scientifically designed.

Some of the exercises include rolling and unrolling of mats which help in daily life; building blocks to develop concentration and eye contact for the development of sensorial organs we have activities like Broad Stairs, Geometrical Insets etc. Child is introduced to numbers using Number Rods, Spindle Boxes and Decimal Beads. Introduction of letters includes the activities like Sandpaper Letters and Movable Alphabet which help the child in associating the sounds with their symbols..... The list is endless which help the child to retain the information he/she have imbibed, since it is in the form of edutainment that combines education with entertainment. Colour concept using the Montessori system helps in quick and longer retention. Many more such activities are provided at Carmel Montessori that helps to develop confidence in their early life to prepare them for the future challenges of life.  

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