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Principal's Message

Thoughts from the heart, well- governed and shaped, help to plan and build the wonderful haven called the kindergarten.

Each child and every teacher is our responsibility.

Work in this position involves planning, organizing and implementing along with the teacher-colleagues with an appropriate programme for the age group 2yrs 6 months to 5 years.

They say each child has made a leap from the crib to the classroom. While it takes time for each child to adjust in this transition period, the role of the teacher is multifold. Here is where we contribute to reshape curriculum, making it acceptable and meaningful. Today's little one comes with some learning experience and is all set for new learning.

Observations will then focus on how sociable a child is.

Therefore, we plan and provide a learning environment and offer experiences that promote physical, social, intellectual and emotional development.

If set goals are created, then children find it comfortable in meeting their goals.

Communication with the parent community, accepting the parents' inputs and trying out newer ideas are interesting challenges that are met with.

Records and reports from the classroom are mandatory to get closer to each child.

Periodic check on assessing the safe and healthy environment of each classroom. Playground safety is yet another area that needs a daily check.

Equipping the classroom with curriculum- based material/recreation -oriented equipment's /well defined interiors and ambience are primarily important. This can be handled with the support of the teachers who know the need of the hour.

Constant check of the stock, arranging them in an organized way-all these are monitored on regular basis.

Related duties are many in number and each one has to be performed well.

Before children go to school, they have been learning in a variety of environments - in their homes, in childcare and community settings. Children arrive at school with different backgrounds and experiences and at different stages of development. Positive early experiences with school are of paramount importance to young children. Children thrive within classrooms that meet their physical and developmental needs and that provide a secure, respectful, and nurturing environment.

Therefore, as mentioned earlier,00 each child and every teacher is responsible in the making of Carmel Kindergarten.

With thankful prayers to the Almighty I seek His grace.

Mrs. Malathi Mohan

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