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A Day in Carmel

You are today where your thoughts have brought you and you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. Computers, cars, jets and skyscrapers all come from man's thought. Man's capacity is infinite and Man's potential is unlimited.

Our premier institution not only firmly believes in making a tiny toddler capable of facing tomorrow with confidence but also in making a well cultured, disciplined and a humble individual.

As it is rightly said, clarity of goal gives you power and a clearly defined goal is just a beginning of any great accomplishment. With this thought, our institution made its humble beginning two decades ago and today we provide quality education consistently. The institution firmly believes in multidimensional development of the child i.e. his mental, physical and overall development in personality.

The day at Carmel starts with anxious wait by the teachers for the school children in the morning. School Vans and Private vehicles bring the tiny toddlers who are well dressed in uniforms. They are welcomed by group of teachers wishing them Good Morning.

The day begins with the school prayer where tiny little ones in the kindergarten are taught purity of heart and mind. The learning sessions start from then, and our teachers impart not only knowledge, but also, values and virtues, as per their vision to take the school to great heights. To create a circle of influence, to change from the inside-out to be different and by being different to effect positive change our institution has carefully crafted curriculum which helps in multidimensional development of the child.

No day at school ends without games and sports. Playground at Carmel provides clean and spacious place where children play under the shade of trees and bushes under the supervision of respective class teachers. Slides, See-Saw and other Outdoor games help them breathe in fresh air while at play.

During lunchtime children are made to wash their hands and are made to sit on separate lunch tables along with their friends and have their lunch. Separate attenders take care of each and every child in every classroom.

At dispersal time and when the last bell rings, each and every child is escorted to the School Gates by respective teachers. Children wait anxiously for their parents, School and private vans drivers to pick them up at the Gates. Some of the children are taken away by the parents from the parent escort lobby. Child is sent back home with the memories full of fun and enjoyment for the day.

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