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Value Education

Development of the 'Conscience' is an important aspect of morality in an individual. To live in society, one has to imbibe the traditions, ethics, customs, principles and etiquettes such that a well adjusted personality evolves. Moral development, though culture based, is not innate. It has to be acquired with the support of the elders who act as 'the voice of experience'. Parents are the founding 'Moral Police' but the school cements morality through value education classes. Societal airs, manners and etiquettes are imparted with special emphasis on personal habits, the discretion to recognize right and wrong and the understanding of good deeds against bad ones. For over-all personality development, we instil values of integrity, humanity, hospitality, self respect, through activity-oriented approach that is practical knowledge exchanged via discussions, seminars, stories, anecdotes and audio-visual experiences. An intuitive teaching methodology has been developed to lead the minds confused by progressive thinking into enlightenment and understanding of righteous lifestyle.

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