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Teaching Staff

Carmel boasts of a faculty of highly qualified teachers who firmly believe that education should give a student character that would help him or her flower into the best of humans-full of love, self confidence, compassion, fearlessness, the spirit of service and self-reliance.

Carmel school believes that the teacher should be a true guide, mentor and friend in this phase which is not a bed of roses. Along with being an academic instructor he / she needs to be a counselor, ironing out the creases that crush the aspiring adult's energy, enthusiasm and elation.

From a child to a teen is a mammoth transition with not only physical changes but also emotional upheavals. An authoritarian figure in such an adolescent's life needs to have utmost patience, understanding, empathy and compassion for the age that is combating with doubts and dilemmas. 'Life is a roller-coaster ride' is the essence of a teenager or adolescent's life. Physical spurt resulting in emotional outbursts, dilemma, uncertainty, mood swings, rebellion, indecisiveness, overall, a state of emotional confusion and chaos. Defiance and insecurity run rampage over every authoritarian figure or conflicting situation. Peer and familial pressure weigh heavy impact on their mental and psychological adjustment mechanism, so, the teachers facilitate learning using interactive methods thereby moulding students and aiding them to withstand new pressures and face new challenges for a better future.

It is a highly challenging task for the selection committee to select such a responsible teacher for the high school faculty. Other than the credentials and accomplishments of the applicant, the selection committee is also particular about how well the candidate is able to reach out and cater to the inquiring minds of the adolescents and how well the skills are utilized for the development of the 'higher order of thinking.' Paradigm importance is given to interactive teaching methods that strike the right balance between the core subject and its associated values, facilitating learning and help steer students in the right direction. A pro-active environment that prepares the adolescents to be receptive to the learning environment that tests various skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing thus preparing them to be life long learners through class room discussions, public speaking contests and debates on current happenings, audio visual presentations, participating in quizzes, role play, creative writing competitions etc., that will naturally kindle their innovative minds to develop skills of analysis, critical thinking and explore situations thus preparing them to confidently face the competitive world outside.

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