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A sport easily breeds a sense of fair play and strengthens a sense of fraternity. The unwritten codes learnt on the playing fields of a school often serves a man well in life more than text books which describe the lives of great people.

Carmel provides plenty of exercise and opportunities for all the sharp and agile students alongside academics for physical fitness and to face challenges in life. Other than the regular physical education periods scheduled for the week there are other regular monitored sporting activities in the school sports ground.

Special coaching classes are conducted in the school premises for various indoor and outdoor games, team and individual events like Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Athletics, Mini Tennis (at the primary level), Softball, Karate and Chess.

The various Rolling Championship trophies, laurels and shields in the various inter school competitions in both indoor and outdoor games (like Basket ball, Volley ball, Throw ball, Football, Softball, Hockey, Cricket, Table Tennis, Shuttle Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Mini Tennis, Swimming, Ahletics and Chess) are proof of the excellence in sports.

The inter-house, out door matches such as Volleyball, Throwball, Basketball and Shuttle Badminton and indoor activities such as Chess, Carrom and Table Tennis have the entire school cheering their teams, the echoes of the same are felt every day after the event.

Athletics - track and field events, help the students hone their athletic skills which are conducted for the junior as well as senior students. The field events like High jump, Long jump, Shot put, Javelin throw and Discuss throw and the track events for 100mts, 200 mts, 400 mts, 800 mts and 1500 mts and 3000 mts Running Race and 4 x 100 mts. Relay are held every year.

At the basic level, sport teaches a student to subjugate his selfish interests to those of the team and personal inclinations and interests are subordinated to the good of the whole.

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