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Evaluation & Assessment

'Evaluation is the essence of learning'. To assess the comprehension and learning of students in a classroom or practical situation, tests and examinations are integral devices. At Carmel, periodic or intermittent testing is the practice.

For the state level unit tests , 4 monthly tests, mid-term exams and the annual exams form the pattern of evaluation.

For the ICSE syllabus 2 tests, mid-term exam and the annual exam occurs. Part of the marks are allocated for projects, aurals and orals which make acquisition of marks more practical and challenging.

Periodic testing and evaluation enables the teachers to estimate the level of learning and also the depth of it, such that the topics found difficult can be re-taught and revised. The tests and exams are conducted in a systematic and organised pattern to maintain the sanctity of learning. Fair assessment with issue of marks cards to update parents with their wards' performances make a leeway for good results and great achievements.

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