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Teaching Staff

The learning environment in Carmel reflects the basic fact that it is not merely intellectual cramming of information but the application of them into one's life that is significant so that life is better at individual, social, secular and spiritual levels.

Carmel is a student friendly institution where in when students have any problems they are free to express their feelings and they personally have one on one talk with the student to help them come out with their problems. Here our teachers act as Teacher-Counsellor.

Our teachers believe that effective classroom management, after rules and procedures and disciplinary interventions is teacher-student relationship. If a teacher has a good relationship with students, then students more readily accept the rules and procedures and the disciplinary actions that follow their violations.

The selection of the Carmel cadre is done taking into consideration the qualification of the applicant, the impressive resume submitted and a brief write-up about the choice of profession. They are evaluated based on these criteria after the live demonstration class observed by the co-ordinators / senior teachers i.e. the presentation, eye contact, proficiency in the subject and how well the topic has been dealt with and explained, whether she / he has reached the students (based on the response of the students). The strengths are identified along with the various talents / skill of the teacher / applicant that would help the students in scholastic and non scholastic activities.

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