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Principal's Message

I have always loved the saying - "What-so-ever a man soweth so shall he reapth". It describes my responsibility clearly and concisely, the precise spot where the gains stop. The lesson is clear, careful cultivation pays off. Children who are nurtured well, praised and when necessary disciplined fairly, enjoy happier and more successful lives for themselves and those in their charge.

I am blessed to be moulding the lives of the middle school students at Carmel. In the middle school level, schooling gets more difficult. Teachers challenge students with long-term projects that require planning and organization. Middle school is a transition time for a student, when the teachers play a crucial role in understanding, reassuring and supporting the student. At this critical age, children become skilful writers with their own individual style. They learn to solve complex problems. We mould children to observe, experiment, to gather data and draw conclusions.

Here, we empathize with the child and see that a teacher is a positive mediator between the parent and the student. This helps them deal with problems of growing up, coping with their studies and planning their careers.

We believe in fostering positive relationships with the students to create a classroom environment, more conducive to learning and meet students' developmental, emotional and academic needs. This has been the mantra of my team.

I am indeed privileged to lead a team of dedicated and experienced teachers who have taken up this responsibility of imbibing good morals and laying the foundation for excellence.

Mrs.Geetha Mohan

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