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Theatre in Education

Art Activity
Art Activity

Iconic Masterpiece
Students of standard 8 and 9 performed an act from a selection of Shakespeare's iconic masterpieces in their theatre class... they prepared simple props and enacted the scenes in all its Shakespearean glory!!

Iconic Masterpiece

Theatre - in - Education follows more than just the objective of the prescribed curriculum by developing life skills and vital core competencies like language development expressing thoughts and building confidence through the interaction that follows the enacting of the lesson.

When given to play a certain character or role from a lesson the child is given creative freedom to express, he explores and develops his ideas. This freedom enhances learning.

Pied Piper
The fundamental and eminent outcome of the interactions is the learning of moral values whether the subject taught is English, Math or even Science.

Hindi and Kannada lessons are also enacted to develop an appreciation for the culture of this unique country.

Apart from enacting lessons and role play, the once a week class works on all aspects of development including grammar and language through

Reading - Poems, dialogue, ballads etc with expression, voice throw, voice modulation, tone and the right pronunciation.

Listening - Story telling, motivational speeches etc.

Speaking - Morals, character sketch, recall events in story or situation.

Writing - Change the 'conclusion' of the lesson in curriculum.

Motor skills, developing sensitivity, empathy responsible citizenship, and several values are also learnt through games, mono acting, mime, street plays, songs, puppet shows etc.

The seeds of creativity is live in everyone. Some individuals are fortunate that their sprouting imagination is nurtured and grown into strong creative thinking abilities.

Creative people invent, imagine, problem solve, create and communicate in fresh new ways.

At Carmel School the aim of Theatre - in - Education is to inspire and encourage creativity.

Theater Fest
Carmel School endeavours to progress in all aspects relating to education and hence the 'magic' that is "THEATRE in EDUCATION". Having been incorporated to play an active part in the curriculum of the Primary School, the unique and beautiful concept of "THEATRE in EDUCATION" provides every child a "lively platform" to "express, explore and experience" an all-important and completely new facet of their personality.

Theater FestAs the world's most popular playwright, William Shakespeare has aptly said centuries ago: "All the world's a stage; all men, mere actors", those words hold good even in these modern times, especially for the students of "THEATRE in EDUCATION", wherein they learn to appreciate the importance of "role-play" in every element of their personality, in every aspect of learning that they involve themselves in, so that, the young geniuses could reach their maximum potential and excel in their chosen area of expertise, right from a very young age itself, thus making their country and the world proud of their "rightful and thoughtful inheritors!"

  • Puppet Show: Do Dost - Students of STD II the Hindi Lesson "Do Dost" was portrayed in a puppet show. A discussion followed about " Friendship".
  • STD III & IV learnt about expressions through acting and through puppets & chants

Theater FestThe literature lesson " The Apple Tree" was enacted .The importance of the tree was discussed In an interactive discussion that followed.Children made apple shaped badges and wore them to the theatre activity with much excitement!!

Theater FestThe students of Std 1 enacted a skit on cleanliness drive ... cleaning the park and beach!!...they learnt a valuable lesson on keeping the surroundings clean!!

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