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Students Opinion

1. Shradha of Std I

I love theatre class. I learn Good Manners and we did a skit and song on "Obedience".

2. Varsha S. of Std II

I enjoy theatre class. I eagerly wait for this class every week. I enjoyed seeing -

  • The model of human body shown in the theatre class.
  • Students were dressed in different costumes for one of the lesson in EVS, "People Who Help Us".

3. Maanas Varun Mahesh of Std III

I loved the "Save the Environment" activity of theatre class where I enjoyed making a model on Rainwater Harvesting. I am always very enthusiastic, especially on the day we have theatre class.

4. Dyuthi B. V. of Std IV

I love theatre period very much. We learn many new things and we also have great fun singing songs. I love to watch the puppet shows and enacting of stories. Everytime we have new topics and also we can gather a lot of information which we would not know earlier.

5. Ranjana of Std IX - Swimming Champion

I am one of those fortunate students to have the best of both the worlds - A fabulous school and an excellent swimming career.

6. Adithya of Std IX

I owe it all to my school - Carmel and my receptive teachers. I am a responsible, sensible and humble student today because of Carmel teachers.

7. Sujatha Prabhakar of Std IX

My school houses great faculty, infrastructure and great students, a homey atmosphere.

8. Sanjana S. of Std X

Carmel is a brand which maintains a positive ambience, providing good coaching and tapping each student's potential.

9. Prajwal of Std X

Ten years of schooling in Carmel has brought out the best in me. The Carmel stage has helped me come out of the introvert shell. The faculty is superb and teaching is awesome.

10. Charitha of Std X A2

I am happy and proud that my parents have chosen the best school for me. It's not just study all the time. There's a lot of fun in the form of Spandana-Talents Day , Inter- school Competitions & Annual day programmes.

11. Fatima Hiba of Std X B

Dear Sir,
I am writing this to express my sincere thanks to you for all the love, encouragement and support. When most of them started to put me down, Sir you were always there to encourage me.However, today I would like to thank you for everything. You supported me in my hard times and always guided me. You also taught me to be bold enough to go further in life.

I will make sure I will carry all these lessons and advices throughout my life with me. You have played a very important role in making me what I am today and I am highly grateful to you for this. I hope I am able to incorporate your teachings into daily life and become a good person in my life.

Once again thank you so much Sir.

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