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Talents Week

Std V Talents Week celebration 2018-19

talent day
talent day
talent day

Talents Week of Std VI 2018-2019

talent day
talent day

Talents Week of Std.IV

A spectrum of competitions conducted to encourage children's interest in literary and co-curricular events such as poetry, elocution, quiz, spell bee and singing.

talent day
talent day

Talents Week is justice personified

Talents DayAn important aspect of any competition is its judgement scheme and criteria. Fair–play and bias-free results account for a sporting competition thus at Talents Day the choice of judges and the criteria both are decided on the basis of acumen and suitability to the competition.

In competitive times, every flair, talent or skill is a feather in one’s cap. A school’s responsibility is to provide opportunities to showcase and enhance the individual potentials and achievements. Such a stupendous effort is Talents Day – the two-day talents competition. In an attempt to cater to a comprehensive personality, different competitions are conducted tapping intellect, literacy acumen, artistic temperament and entertainment factor. Quiz, debate, elocution, creative writing, what’s the good word, spell bee, mock parliament are contests tapping intellectual, literary and civic skills. Competitions like skit, singing, dancing, painting, mehandi, junk funk, sketching – test the artistic temper. ‘Voice of Carmel’ the signature musical competition is the highlight. ‘Entertainment is the essence of life’ and to encourage their ability, competitions like mad-ads, dumb charades, air crash, mono acting, just a minute make for interesting viewership.

The Carmel Talents Day is an amalgamation of art, craft, culture, knowledge and above all entertainment. It is truly a traditional ‘Juke Box’ of enjoyment and excitement.

Debate / Elocution

The teachers-in-charge are language teachers who fastidiously decide the topic such that it is appropriate to the class and has scope for creativity. The judgement criteria are matter, modulation and presentation - all three form an integral part of any speech. For debate, the rebuttal points are important too.

Creative Writing

Writing beautifully is a skill. Language teachers base the topic-selection on common knowledge of students. The flair for writing is judged on the basis of - matter, organization of matter, creativity and standard of language used.

Quiz Competition

Talents DayQuiz competition is a score board friendly competition. Hence no judgement is involved and open scoring system is followed. So is the case with what's the good word and Spell Bee.

The inter house quiz competition “INQUIZITION” aims at kindling the desire for knowledge in young minds by making learning interesting, fun and entertaining. Four teams from each of the four houses compete fiercely for the coveted rolling trophy. The participants of this competition have made their alma mater proud by winning laurels in quiz competitions at both State and National level.

Art Competition

Art competitions like painting, mehendi, sketching and so on are judged by new faculty members who excel in these art forms to maintain non-biased judgement. The criteria involved are creativity, adherence to the topic, colour-composition (not for sketching and mehendi) and overall depiction. In Junk Funk, which is craft competition, the main criteria is the creativity and the effective use of waste material. In mehendi competition, the design and the strokes make for a winning entry.

Jest-a-Minute, Mono-Acting, Air Crash and Mad-Ads

MonoactingThese are based on the acting skills of the individual or group (Mad-ads). The judgement criteria are spontaneity, character appropriateness, depiction and creativity. In Mad-ads, the crazier the advertisement (within limits of decency and decorum) the better the chances of winning. Originality and presentation are the main criteria.

Dumb Charades

Is a scoring group game which is scored on the ability of the team to guess the word, proverb, movie or character, based on the team-mates silent gestures and signals.

Skit Competition

A skit is an abridged version of a play, generally shortened or short stories depicted in a conversational form. The judgement criteria are story-line, presentation and characterization. Moral themes are selected for enactment.

Dance Competition

Talents Day
The Dance competition which students await eagerly commences with selection of themes which give scope for graceful and rhythmic presentations. Each class is given a different theme to provide variety. The selection of judges is based on their understanding of dance forms and skill in dancing. The judgement criteria are synchronization to music, co-ordination between dancers and the overall presentation. No marks are allotted for costumes as undue expenditure on expensive costumes is discouraged by the management. Students are instructed to wear dresses which they already possess, only co-ordinating the type of dress or colour.

The Carmel Youth Parliament

This is a new addition to the competitions in Talents Day,. An attempt to discover the leadership qualities in the form of role-play is the purpose. The judgement is based on basically the subject matter and presentation of speeches, group co-ordination and morale, ability to answer questions and finally on the overall impression of the judges and jury comprising of student panel and judges panel through the method of voting or ballot.

Voice of Carmel

Talents Day
The high point of Talents Day is the much awaited 'Voice of Carmel' which follows through from the film hits competition for Std.X. The winning voices compete at this level to render their personal touch to modern and yester-year songs. The judgment criteria are song selection, pitch and presentation.

The Music Competitions

The music competitions like classical music, light music and film hits give Talents Day a melodious touch. The judges are musicians, skillful at their craft. The judgement criteria is based on the song selection, melody and rendition.

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