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Scouts & Guides

The Scouts and Guides regime was introduced in Carmel School in the year 1995, falling under the Bharat Scouts and Guides, Bangalore South District Association with the name 'Leading Light Scouts Guide Company'.

Scouting and Guiding is a Character Building Educational Movement i.e. it is an International movement that changes young mischievous lads into fine men, not just physically but in mind and soul too.

Cubs and Bulbuls activities are conducted for younger children. These children's aim is to help others and make them happy. All activities are organized in group system. These children take the promise and do a good turn everyday. They learn handicraft, clay modeling, First aid, compass, knots. Cubs / Bulbuls take part in Nature Ramble, camp, ceremonies, expedition.

Definition: The Bharat Scouts and Guides is a voluntary, non-political, educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, Race or creed, in accordance with the purpose, principles and method conceived by the Founder Lord Baden Powell in 1907.

Karnataka Darshan

Karnataka Darshan - the guides and scouts of Carmel School were taken on a trip to historical places of Karnataka. Drawing competition was also conducted as part of this event and our children bagged the first place.

Scouts and Guides Scouts and Guides Scouts and Guides

Cooking Competition

Children of Higher Primary School took part in cooking competition as a part of their scouting and guiding activity. This is a part of cooking badge work for their Dwitiya Sopan.

Scouts and Guides Scouts and Guides Scouts and Guides

Report of activities in 2017-18 :

Scouts Investiture Ceremony was held on Tuesday, 17.10.2017 at Bangalore University Campus. Students were presented with badges.

Scouts and Guides Scouts and Guides

Since its inception Carmel School has the distinction of :

  • 12 trained unit leaders.
  • 21 Rajya Puraskar awards presented by the Governor / Patron of the state association.
  • 7 Rashtrapati awards received from the President of India.

The purpose of the movement is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full potential in social, physical, intellectual and spiritual areas. To be responsible citizens and members of the local, national and international communities. This programme helps the child discover the world beyond the classroom tapping the skill and passing knowledge.

Activities include:

  • Adventure - trekking, camping, hiking, mountaineering and mapping, woodcraft signs, cooking, cycling
  • Intelligence - Compass, signaling and scouts / guide knowledge.
  • Handicraft - rope craft, paper craft and nature craft.
  • Character prayer - law, promise flags, salute left shake hand, motto etc.
  • Service - social service, community service , first aid , pioneering, prayer meetings
  • Health - health rules, outdoor living and yoga.

The various stages of advancement in the entire programme offered in scouting / Guiding are:-


Pratham Sopan

Dwitiya Sopan

Tritiya Sopan

Rajya Puraskar

Rashtrapati Award

Tests are held at every stage and a proficiency badge / certificate is earned to move to next level.

Report of activities in 2012-13 :

Fun and games with duties and responsibilities is the culture of service-oriented movement. An early start with Bulbuls and Cubs was an excursion to Lalbagh to commune with nature and understand the intricacies and moods which ordain mankind´┐Żs fate.

'Start young to ride in the future' was the motto of this activity which entailed training for scouts and guides in Traffic Hand Signals with practical classes held at the Devegowda petrol bunk. The guides also participated in south district rally organized by Jayanagar Local Association and tryst at the Trithiyan Sopan Testing camp at Doddaballapur was the next outing. In keeping with the ideal that the school is the temple of learning, a road safety education programme was conducted in the school auditorium for the concerned students. The next agenda was the testing camp for Rajyapuruskar awards for scouts and guides at Doddaballapur. The Sadbhavana Day was celebrated at the state headquarters after which the scouts and guides rendered help at KIMS hospital. Flag Day was celebrated on 6th November at the state headquarters. All participated in Drawing, Painting, Essay writing, Vegetable carving competitions. Two leaders attended Unit Leaders Conference at Madikeri. The school has 12 trained unit teachers and 400 students. Thus an enjoyable, challenging outlet for these bundles of energy has been maintained.

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