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S.A.R.S - Student Association for Road Safety

Motto: 'Speed thrills but kills'

Main objective is to render professional traffic training to the students and bring awareness in young minds on traffic and related rules and regulations as per the 'Bangalore City Police Traffic Warden Organization'.

The children are taught that fears should not be harboured and strive to do your best. No stone is left unturned to learn about road safety.

Some things taught are:

  • How to handle busy roads.
  • Traffic lights
  • Road signs and what they mean
  • Do's and don'ts in case of fire
  • People under a lot of stress exhibit road rage, children are taught to be altruistic. Long term changes can only be seen by educating school children about traffic rules and driving etiquettes.

The school SARS unit participates in the Republic day parade every year and brings laurels to the institute.

Mentoring link

  • If somebody could hold the kids' hands with kindness, not drag them along, but just walk along with them just maybe a lot of them would find their way. :-- Mentor
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