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The unique quality of every teacher in Carmel School is that of a "counsellor not by formal training, but by experience."

Every school has its fair share of students who are academically below average or with social and behavioural problems. Hence Mentoring is used as a tool to improve the learning environment. The teachers are "guides and mentors", who are trustworthy, friendly and approachable. They have good listening skills and lend a patient ear to all problems with a good understanding of health and social issues in an impartial and non-judgemental way.

Life skills education becomes important for children to equip themselves with knowledge that will help them face everyday challenges. Awareness about Good Touch and Bad Touch, Puberty helps children grow gracefully without any inhibitions or hesitation. A child who is aware of the changes around and within himself is more matured and confident to accept the change.

A "caring and careful" watch is kept over children who need more attention than others. The main aim being to

  • Gain confidence and raise aspirations.
  • Improve academic performance.
  • Improve quality of classwork / complete coursework.
  • Reduce offending behaviour and help become less distruptive in School.

This is achieved through a balance of firmness and gentle love as the teacher approaches the child as a "Parent Teacher". Regular liason between the teacher and parent plays a vital role in the change of behaviour of the child as the teacher sheds positive light on the progress and gives practical advice to the parent, the parent does the same. Working hand in hand changes the child for the better.

If somebody could hold the kid's hands with kindness, not drag them along, but just walk along with them.just maybe a lot of them would find their way. :-- Mentor

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