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Field Trip

Field TripField trips are one of the highlights of the school year for Carmel children. Teachers and students get to interact in a fun way.

The major aim of the outing is interactive learning, an experience that goes beyond reading about a concept. Students are able to see elements with their eyes or participate in it physically. It also gives them a chance to be in contact with nature and explore the outdoors.

FIELD TRIPS to parks, museums, zoo, post office, bread factory etc., help children observe and participate in the events around them, where they would otherwise not go.

Like the bakery factory or the biscuit factory that students enjoy, a simple walk in the park also thrills them.Our students visited Bangalore�s very own green pride, Lal Bagh.

Children have also visited the various services in our neighbourhood like market, fire station etc. At the fire station, they saw a mock drill of how an emergency call is attended, how fire is put out with various kinds of hoses and sprinklers and how victims are rescued.

Field TripThey visited a post office where the post master himself took them through the process of postal service. The most unforgettable part of that day was the activity of children writing a letter which was addressed to their parents and actually posted. For us teachers, who grew up sending and receiving letters, it was nostalgic. For the young children growing up in the electronic age, it was something new and exciting.

From the stage of learning with fun concepts in primary during the field trips, the students of Middle School upgrade to specific experiential learning through visits to KMF Factory, Planetarium and Vishwevaraiah Museum.

Venturing into public places, allows the children to learn more about the world around them. They also learn to interact with others. Once they leave the sheltered environment of the classroom, social interactions with adults and possibly other children are facilitated . In short, the social skills are enriched.

The other advantages that the heads of the institution have in mind while planning field trips, is to foster a sense of teamwork while exploring new avenues. Breaking away from routine, enables them to be more focused, once they are back in the classroom.

Hence, learning in Carmel is not an isolated experience but one that broadens the horizons for the students, through field trips.

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