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About the Chairman

'Icons and Figureheads' live upto others' expectations. One such iconic personality who made and continues to make an impact on many lives is the Chairman/ Founder of Carmel.

He is a suave family man, strangely simplistic and serene in his attitude, a communicative, forthright, tactful and dynamic enigma. Conversations with him defy the timeline that one could sit for hours and still be interested to continue. A multi-linguist, his interests run from the academic curriculum to sports to music to cultural activities to everything and anything. His demeanour and humility demand and deserve courtesy. A singer par excellence, music never fails to touch his heart and win it, in the bargain. His concern for his staff and their family, the youth at large makes a mockery of the whim that 'The great seldom smile'. Meetings with him, mean not only business but also small talk and rapport-building. The blatant truth would be that teachers, ever in the most dire of situations rarely reinstate a wish to resign, after a meeting.

About Vice-Chairman

A suave, well-groomed gentleman with propriety, panache would be an apt description for the Vice Chairman of Carmel School. An impeccable demeanor, a pleasing personality and exemplary etiquettes are his ornaments which he carries with flourish and finesse. 'A gentleman to the boot is his signature'.

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